About the blog

I am Suma Bhat. During March 2018, I started this blog as a hobby to document all the traditional Havyaka recipes in one place. Over time, with the help of friends and family members, I wrote about many Havyaka dishes. Still so many Havyaka cuisines are left.

Wherever possible, for each step, I try to use pictures so that it is easier to follow. I try to post regularly, at least once in 4 to 6 days. Sometimes I also post about recipes which I find useful even though they are not originally from our community.

Starting this blog has helped me in many ways:

  • Kept me busy (however total screen time hasn't changed; earlier it was social media, now blog)
  • Now I don't forget ingredients and quantity. If I forget, at least blog is there for the reference :)
  • Now I am enjoying cooking (and also those who eat are also enjoying :))
Happy cooking! Cheers.

Contact me: bhtsuma@gmail.com

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