Some useful cooking tips

In this post, I will try to list some of the useful tips which I learnt from others:

  • We use mixer to extract butter from malai/skimming the top of boiled milk. But we have to use cold water while grinding the fermented malai.
  • While preparing paddu, add washed poha before grinding batter. It will make paddu softer and gives reddish tinge.
  • While preparing chana dal holige or coconut / kaayi holige, keep the aside dough for about two hours for making better holige.
  • If you have to prepare akki kadi/ idli rava urgently, instead of washing rice and drying it before grinding, grind the whole rice first and then wash.
  • While preparing ghee from boiling the butter, wash butter eight to ten times. It will remove bad odour in ghee.
  • Further, add small part of betel leaf after boiling the butter and turning off the stove. This will enhance the fragrance of ghee.
  • Peel the outer layer of onion and keep it in water for two to three minutes and then cut it, you won't be crying.
If you have any tips, please do share.

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