Gensle / Genasele


Rice - 3 cups,
Bella - 3 cups,
Grated coconut - from 3.5 coconuts,
Cardamom - 4,
Indian bay leaf/ Cinnamon leaves /gensle (Though they call it lavanga leaves,actually it is cinnamon leaves) - 40 if they are big else 50.
Oil - 2 tspoons (for greasing the leaves),

1. Soak rice for 4 hours. 
2. Grated coconut from two coconuts + 1.5 cups of Bella/jaggery. Heat this mixture till ಪಾಕ.   Add powdered cardamom, mix well. Keep it aside for cooling.

Heating grated coconut+jaggery

Keep it aside for cooling

3. Grind the soaked rice along with grated coconut (1 coconut) with some water. Also add one teaspoon of salt. Heat it as shown below on low flame. This is crucial step, keep stirring it else the mixture will stick to the pan. So keep stirring continuously till the mixture gets thicker.

Heating rice and grated coconut
4. Allow the mixture to cool. Wash the leaves. Add two drops of oil (coconut or any other oil) to half cup of water. Smear on the inner side of the leaf before applying the rice mixture from step 3.

5. Apply grated coconut paaka as shown in the picture below. 

Fold the leaves
Arrange the filled leaves in steamer

6. Steam cook in idli steamer where the base tier contains water. Close the lid. Cook for 20 minutes under medium flame.
Cook for ~20 minutes
After steam cooking

Gensle / Genasele

Thanks to Nagaratnakka for sending the pictures and recipe. This is a special Havyaka cuisine and her decoration of Genasle was also very special.

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