Halasin hannina chapati / jack fruit roti

Halasin hannina chapati / jack fruit roti
Ingredients : 1 cup = 250 ml
  • Jack fruit / halasina hannu (chakke) - 1 cup (after peeling the fruit)
  • Wheat flour - 3 cups (approximate) + 1/2 cup for dusting
  • Ghee - 2 teaspoons
  • Salt - according to taste
Method :
Step 1. Peel and remove seeds of jack fruit (use chakke halasina hannu).

Step 2. Add app. 2 teaspoons of salt to jack fruit and grind to fine paste.

Step 3. In a mixing bowl, add 3 cups of wheat flour, 2 teaspoons of ghee and add ground paste of jack fruit. Prepare dough by kneading well (adjust wheat flour quantity according to chapati dough consistency).

Step 4. Prepare big lemon sized balls.

Step 5.  Dust with wheat flour and roll to make chapati / roti.

Step 6. On MEDIUM flame, roast roti both sides.

Step 7. Enjoy with palya or ghee.

Halasin hannina chapati / jack fruit roti

Tips :
  • Additionally add ghee while roasting roti.
Thanks to Lalitakka for this tasty recipe.

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