Some Positive Changes

It has been more than 10 months since I started blogging about Havyaka recipes. I am happy to inform you that over time number of readers has consistently increased attracting visitors from many parts of the world. This blog is showing up in the first page of Google results for many key words related to Havyaka recipe.

Thanks for all your support. Encouraged by this, I have made few changes to the blog.

  • Now I have purchased a new domain
  • Designed new header and made other minor changes
  • And also, now I am planning to write a Kindle book on Masala powders used by our community. I will share the details in coming days.
Thank you once again. 

Majjige Huli is coming up next.

Many other Havyaka dishes are on their way..

Happy cooking! Cheers.


  1. Some positive changes in our menu too after i started reading your blog..healthy body and
    healthy mind through healthy recipes..😀


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